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Bring your workouts and health data from anywhere

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See your data like never before

Most apps and platforms only surface a small amount of the wealth of data you have.
See it all with Stride and race smarter, faster than ever before.


See where your at and how you're progressing.

Combining data from activites and health monitoring for holistic view.

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FTP Estimation

Best in class FTP estimation using AI and data modelling

An extremely accurate FTP based on efforts anywhere between 1 and 20 minutes

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Support for new devices and sensors

  • Left/Right Balance
  • Core Body Temp
  • Glucose
  • Di2/eTap Gearing

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Weather 🌧️

Past and future weather analysis.

Plan the best time to train, or the best time to hit that PR.
Chose your route for headwinds and tailwinds.

Analyse past activities and combine with power meter data, get CdA estimations.

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Heart Rate Variability and Recovery

HRV insights are invaluable to show how training is effecting your body and recovery.

Perhaps more importantly, HRV can show external factors like bad sleep, alcohol and illness, allowing you adapt your training accordingly or make positive changes to your routive and improve you capacity to train.

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Simple pricing

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What's included

  • Overview, fatigue and load
  • HRV and recovery
  • Training planning
  • Calendar
  • All historical weather
  • Future activity weather
  • FTP Estimation
  • Weight, Body Fat, from devices


Billed Monthly

Stride for race teams and coaches is launching soon. Feel free to get in touch if you'd like to discuss.